Dear Emily #1

Dear Emily,

Hello! You don’t know me yet, but I’m Dad.


Social Distancing Rules

It’s been said a lot in recent weeks that the UK government’s instructions on social distancing is unclear, unintuitive, and lacks any sort of common sense. I think that’s rather unfair so below I’ve written out the rules in an easy to follow list.


Paper Anniversary

Dear Sarah,

One year ago you did me the honour of marrying me. Who would’ve thought we’d be where we are now? We’ve moved into a cute and unforeseen house in the trees. I’ve taken on a new job working in Lincoln again. The world has succumbed to a pandemic. Just about the only thing that’s remained is you. It’s the best life I could have hoped for - such satisfying spontaneousness while keeping you, my bedrock, by my side.



I’m not a huge fan of social media.

As I get older I feel like I become more aware of how abstracted from reality most of our day to day lives are. When I say “we” I mean to aim this at the average westerner. I can certainly speak for myself when I say that I spend far too much time occupied by anthropocene problems. Do I have any emails? How long until the weekend? I need to empty the dishwasher. There’s a new episode of my show on Netflix.